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                Shenzhen Yucai print & package Co., Ltd

                Add:3 / F, No.4, Xinfa factory, Gushu community, Xixiang street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen


                Mob:13006636855(Mr Li)


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                Company profile

                Shenzhen Yucai print & package Co., Ltd. ,was founded in 2009. Today, Yucai has become a modern enterprise focusing on business print and high-end product gift box package customization.

                Yucai adheres to the core concept of "service is the life of the enterprise, quality is the soul of the enterprise", relies on the world-class advanced equipment, as well as the profound understanding of packaging aesthetics, environmental protection, energy saving and safety and many years of practice and exploration. After ten years of hard work, the company has achieved great leap forward development, and has become a leading company with advanced concept, excellent technology, excellent quality, advanced technology, strong strength Large scale printing, packaging and manufacturing enterprises with perfect service. The company has a fully automated packaging production line, Heidelberg 7 + 1 UV printing machine, Heidelberg four-color printing machine, after the process equipment. Since its inception, Yucai has established the belief that "your satisfaction is the best return to us" as the service tenet and "quality is the guarantee of maintaining customer loyalty". It attaches great importance to technological innovation throughout the whole process. It creates value for customers through the integrated service of design and production, and constantly creates a win-win situation.

                “Design is the soul, quality is the guarantee”, the company’s core team has a profound professional background and rich practical experience, the pursuit of the perfect combination of technology and art, to maximize customer product demands as the goal, so that products can make the most perfect self interpretation, attract attention, create consumption as the highest pursuit.


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